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The Nation's Next Face of Pop: ZAWADI

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Singer-songwriter/producer ZAWADI’s music is a beautiful blend of pop, hyper pop, and bubblegum pop that create a unique sound that caters to anyone young or old. ZAWADI is a self-taught producer who makes her sounds 10ft in the air in her loft. She gets her inspiration from artists like Pink Pantheress, Charli XCX, & Ariana Grande. Also an extreme KPOP fanatic, she draws her inspiration from groups like Twice & Newjeans as well.

BACKGROUND ZAWADI: has been told since she was 6 years old that she would be a world famous superstar but didn’t take singing seriously until she was 9. She started singing in church starting around 4th grade and gradually moved up from ensemble, choir, to worship leader. In HS she joined the music department junior year where she landed one of the main characters in a play with no background experience in theater other than singing. Without any vocal lessons she excelled to the ICHSA’s and got awarded ‘Most Outstanding Female Soloist” ZAWADI knew she wanted to make her own music at the age of 18 she released her first single ‘Just What’s Real’ a song about innocent love and any girls teenage dream.

MUSIC: ZAWADI describes her music as “music you would hear in an anime game but you’re also in the club at the same time” Her recent projects ‘can you see me” & “4AM” are songs that talk about feeling alone, being unseen, and fighting your own emotions and conscience. She has an upcoming single titled ‘SHE…’ which talks about being an “IT“ girl and overall positivity.

HIGHLIGHTS AND ACHIEVEMENTS: ZAWADI is set to perform at her first artist showcase held by Organic Music Distro. She is very exited to be performing as she loves benign stage but also nervous because this is her first time performing any of her original songs. Also within 2 weeks she has had an amazing increase in followers, listeners, and streams. She says “I know I’ll be at the top one day and everyone will know my name so I’m not even trippin.”

1. Where are you from?

"Johnson City, NY"

2. Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of music?

"Outside of making music, I love to learn KPOP dances, bake, and learn languages."

3. What first got you into music?

"My dad was a famous musician in Africa back in the day and he kind of passed the torch to me and I have just always had a desire in my heart to sing and perform, there’s no other option for me."

4. What’s next for you?

"Internationally stardom and I would love to go on talk shows and fun YouTube channels because I’m a people person and I have been through a lot for my age so I’d love to share wisdom with people but also just to be relatable."

Tell us about your latest project/single (release date, title, tours, etc).

"I just released a single called “4AM” which talks about being up late at night tossing and turning because you can’t stop thinking about that one person who shattered your heart."

7. Give us 2 quotes from yourself

“By accident I’m just nice”
“Never trust a bitch with them broom lashes”

8. Who is your dream collab?

"Definitely TWICE! Also I feel like me and Ice Spice could body a song."

10. What are your most newsworthy mentions?

ZAWADI increased her listeners and followers by 200%

● Artist Name: ZAWADI

● Genre: Pop

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