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"The Power of Networking with [Jon Woo]: The Exclusive Producers Corner' Event Series"

Published: January 29, 2023

by ANGiE B

Jon Woo is a highly successful producer, best known for his popular networking event series that has seen the likes of Tony Guidry and the rap juggernaut come together to discuss music industry topics. The events have been a great source of inspiration for aspiring producers, providing an opportunity to learn from the best in the industry.

On Set At The Producer Corner Event

At the events, Jon Woo often invites panelists from various genres of music, such as hip hop, country and rock, to weigh in on the current state of the music industry and share experiences they've had throughout their career. One notable panelist to ever step foot on the Producers Corner platform was Grammy DJ Drama [KY Engineering]. The engineer behind your favorite music by 2 Chains, Waka, Lil Wayne, Young Money and DJ Drama. But yesterday didnt fall short of Louisville's expectations. Woo brought Marketing Wizard Tony Guidry, who shared advice social media best practices and on social mapping.

The rap juggernaut, also known as The Street Kingpin, was another panelist at the January 29th event. He spoke about his journey to become one of the most prominent marketers of this generation, and provided valuable insight into the intricacies of the music business m.

At the events, wealth of knowledge is exchanged among attendees, making it an amazing experience for all those seeking to learn how to break into the industry. Jon Woo's events are a great way for really anyone in the music business to unite and get inspired from each other’s success stories. It is clear that Jon Woo is doing an excellent job of bringing together different figures within the music industry and giving them an opportunity to share their stories and knowledge with up and coming talent.

To keep up with Woo or any of the guest follow the links below:

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Ryan Weathers
Ryan Weathers
Jan 30, 2023

Thank you, this actually introduced me to some new resources in Louisville, Ky's music scene.

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