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Seth Gallimore aka “Navi.” is a musical artist reigning from the gate city, Greensboro NC. A passionate mind that has dedicated and gave himself to his craft wholeheartedly. Officially releasing his first track in 2013 at the age of 12 it’s been nothing but progression since. After linking up in a collective for 2 years Navi. decided to branch out into his own unique lane.  Artist in pure form. Since birth that’s exactly what Navi. has been and that did nothing but translate that into articulate expressive music. A certified cadence with a versatile sound that stretches across genres. Having healing melodies with songs such as “1424”, “Progression” and “Molly Life”. Also maintaining his balance reaching into his deep rap rooted soul for nothing but punch lines and flows with his singles “New Seasons pt II”, “North Faith” and “M.O.S”. With either sound you will find that the lyrical abilities of Navi. just aren’t normal. Words that cut you far below the surface. Don’t be surprised to hear his name in the near future. He won’t stop moving forward for any reason.  Let's meet NAVI

Where are you from?

Greensboro, NC

Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of music?

I honestly grew up skateboarding a lot, that kinda died off while I was playing basketball at my high school just to prevent injuries. But more recently I’ve been back into skating. Really a peace of mind I can find.

What first got you into music?

Hands down my father. He’s been playing guitar since he was 12, been in bands. Played around the country. He really opened my eyes to the beauty that’s inside of this passion and gift that I have. From a young age he exposed me to so much music and so many different genres. He really gave me an appreciation for music at its core and not just a surface level appreciation

So what's next for you ?

Right now I’m currently working on my project entitled “Understatement”, also working on a few song with som big name artist. But mainly just trying to focus on staying myself. There’s a lot of outside influences especially with this mainstream rappers coming up and I’m not them. I’m Navi. And I always will remain Navi.

Any additional information/key notes- you'd like to share?

"The day will come to pass ,when you will revere my name."

Tell us about your latest project/ single (release date, title, tours, etc)

Most recently I dropped my single “North Faith” in which I really speak truly to the events in my life. Searching for finite answers to my infinite questions. Although the lyrics my be a bit on the deeper side. The song gives off immaculate west coast energy. Really bringing back the sounds that we’ve lost touch with due to all this trap shit.

Give us 2 quotes from yourself:

“I know it’s a sin to feel to much within, we’ll that be the case then I guess that I’m living a life filled with sin”

“My favorite part of my journey has been my downfalls, cause I stood right the fuck back up and learned my lessons to keep it pushing even harder than before”

Dead or Alive who is your dream collab?

Kanye West

What are your most newsworthy mentions?

Collaborative works with artist that have charted #1 on the Christian Billboard charts. 3 show LA tour in 2022. South by south west this march in Austin Texas.

Be on the lookout for Navi on all major platforms‼️‼️

Artist Name: Navi.

• Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap

• Instagram: @navivsthewrld


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