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The Survival Of The Realest.... Meet one of Atlanta's Greatest MC's Edited by Alexis Mandakis.

We traveled all the way to Atlanta, Georgia the city where most of the south’s greatest music originated from.

We got to sit down with one of it’s original OG’s of the music game Streetnittytherepresenter.

This was an interesting interview I personally actually watched this man for years his sound is soulful and yet street.. he’s definitely an underground music mogul ..let’s get to know this entrepreneur a many of many hats……

Where are you from?

Atlanta, Georgia.

Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of music?

Buying cars or trucks Is fixing them up in selling them. I like promoting and marketing for all businesses. Not just music.

What first got you into music?

Music has always been in me.Since I was like 4 or 5.

What’s next for you?

Running one of the greatest record labels , backed up by the greatest promotional marketing company ever created.

Any additional information/key notes you would like to let the world know?

Street Nitty the Representer Represents a Godly way of living.

So tell us about your latest project/single (release date, title, tours, etc.)

Single City in Flames.

How about any up coming Tours coming soon?

I put my own shows together.

Can you give us 2 quotes from yourself: that would best describe you personality?


Ok Thennnn

Dead or alive who would be your ideal collaboration be?

2 Pac & C-Lo Green

What are your most newsworthy mentions ?

Music was my calling & purpose in this hip hop industry. And it is not to only make motivation an inspirational music. It is to help lead the culture into a positive for atmosphere. By Speaking life in there music . Also educating artists on the business side Of the hip hop industry. Show artists how to get paid on all levels.

Make sure you definitely look him up here’s where you can find Streetnittytherepresenter.

● Artist Name: Street Nitty the Representer ● Genre: Hip Hop Inspiration ● Instagram:@streetnittytherepresenter

Spotify: ● Website/Other Links:

Check out New Music by: @streetnittytherepresenter.

Living This Way Produced by: @keonthetrack

Reason for Rhyming produced by: @freaknastydadip

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