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Tony Lokke is expanding his brands

Tony Lokke was born in San Antonio, Tx September 27th 1993. From a young age Tony showed a hustlers spirit. When Tony was young his dream was to be in the NFL or in the music industry. 

Tony Lokke is 5 feet tall 11 inches, weighs 165 pounds and is from Italian and Native American decent. In 2012 Tony Lokke started producing music and built his own recording studio.

Tony Lokke is inspired by Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple Computers. John Gotti, Early 1900’s Gangster. Steve Jobs once said “I want to put a ding in the universe” and that stuck with Tony aspiring him to reach his maximum potential.

Tony Lokke is the Founder of Good Thread Emb LLC. Good Thread Emb LLC is a luxury clothing brand and custom embroidery apparel company. Tony is invested into multiple businesses around the world he also does philanthropy helping the less fortunate when he can.

Tony Lokke resides in Los Angeles, building his brands and real estate portfolios. Tony has real estate in Upstate New York, Miami & Los Angeles and is rapidly acquiring more.

Tony Lokke has helped artists and entertainers build their brands, sound and look for the past 10 years. Tony has been behind the scenes in the music scene working and attending different events and working with acts in his recording studio.

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