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Underground Artist Jaelen “Jaro” Escabar is changing the HipHop Matrix!

Meet rising artist Jaelen "Jaro" Escabar hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio. Jaelen Escabar is 24 years old. Jaro has had a lifelong dedication to pursuing music. Beginning at age 12, Jaro created music that was heavily influenced by his stepdad and older brother. Jaro has had many close deaths and tragedys that led him to push harder and spread relatable messages through his music. As one of the most versatile artists on the rise right now, Jaro's music contains influences of LL Cool J, Run DMC, J cole and Bob Marley which can be felt in his unique delivery and flow. He shares the dream we all share here at Everydayclout, to make his living off of music, escape the day job routine, and enjoy life as an artist and father. His interests outside of music include sports, video games, singing covers from other artists who inspire him.

What can we expect from Jaro in the near future?

Jaro plans to release singles, with videos in between, consistently and get his name out there. Jaro also is planning a joint project withWiseWordsOfElimore, as well as collabs with artists he considers bigger than himself. Jaro also has a local/tri state tour in the works.

What are your current projects?

" My latest projects would be “The Truth” mainly spreading a message of getting through your pain and hurt. Growing from it to leave behind something great. Next latest project “Grow” has a great flow to it that keeps you engaged but also has a message of reaping what you sow and planting seeds or wisdom into people to help them grow which elevates you in return."

Tell us 2 quotes that inspire you

"You can make a better life if you take it, but most people just need patience"

“Plant some seeds and feed them. Keep them breathing, growing into a tree so they can drop some leaves and touch other people"

Who is your dream collab?

"A tie between Caskey & J Cole"

What are your most newsworthy mentions/achievements?

Jaelen "Jaro" Escabar has opened for Caskey multiple times in Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Salt Lake City, & been featured in a show at Bellevue park. Jaelen "Jaro" Escabar has upcoming collaborations with Krash Minati and BSE Count from SCFMG. Jaelen "Jaro" Escabar was featured in the SCFMG “came in” video.

You can find Jaelen "Jaro" Escabar on Spotify, YouTube & Apple Music!

Instagram : @jaro.escabar

Facebook: Jaro Music Page

Twitter: JaroEscabar

YouTube: Jaro Escabar

Writer/Editor: Corey Milewski

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