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DJ Sessions with DJ Benjamminit (No Sleep DJS)

Wassup DJ Benjamminit , how are you today?

God woke me up I’m good, I cant complain!!!

When did you start DJing - and what or who were your early influences?

Believe it or not I started djing 3 years ago in 2020 during the pandemic. I’ve always had a ear for music my early influences was Dj Showout from South Boston, he took me under his wing an showed me the game, from beat matching song selection the whole 9 big ups to him. Also Dj Kool V for bring me in on his events during my early stages of growing an Jack Woodson for giving an opportunity to showcase my talent on the Radio an at festivals.

What skills do you think DJs need to be successful?

In my opinion, as a DJ you need to be well rounded with the music. Study the culture because its always changing.. No matter how long you been a Dj or how early you are in the game, people know when they hear good music.. Crowd control an knowing your geographical area is a major key in being successful, also putting in the long hours working on routines an techniques..

How do you stay up to date with the latest music trends?

I listen to music all day, Just because its trending doesn’t mean its gone to work every event… it takes hours maybe even days to sometimes research and put music together.. Believe it or not social media actually will let you know lol prime example Tictok, Ig reels an Facebook.

What techniques do you use to engage the audience?

I engage with the crowd in different ways, beat matching transitions building the next song up dropping snippets of the next track.. Being a Mc is major but I feel sometimes its unnecessary sometimes you can throw an event off by doing to much on the mic, I let my music talk for me.

What would you say is the most rewarding part of being a DJ?

Seeing people enjoy an come together to have a good time the best feeling in the world. Also knowing all the long hours you put into preparing.

What do you usually start with when preparing for a set? Depending on the event I start putting myself mentally as a attendee of the event instead of the Dj.. Some times it takes hours most time it takes days. Me as a dj I like being prepared when I step in a venue its no thinking its straight to work. The hardest part about preparing is its just the time you take to organize an adjust your crates an knowing when to drop your BANGERS AN CLASSICS

What makes you decide to play a particular record during one of your sets? Is there a criteria other than pure subjectivity, for selecting what to play at a gig?

You have to read your crowd, to be honest the 11pm to 2am hours are the real party hours for the club lol before then it’s just a fashion show an making a entrance to some people but that my opinion. I select music my event type, some times you got to go for what you know..

How did you spend your lockdown/pandemic time? What did you accomplish before the entertainment world began to open up again?

I started Djing during the pandemic, I spent a lot of time on Facebook live I started a thing called Club Crib which is actually my segment now on the radio station The Mix88.9.. My bookings went through the roof once the doors an gathering started happening again. I’m Blessed to say the pandemic was a hard time but it was a come up for me.

What makes you different from other DJs?

My motivation, dedication, hunger, drive an wiling ness to get better everyday.. I don’t just want to be a local name I want to become one of the biggest DJ’s to every do it. I just want continue to grow an expand my Name an Brand NO Sleep Dj’j

Last question, when not making music, where can we find you?

Making music lol but seriously I’m not a big time gamer but I love playing Call Of Duty an Madden on PS5.

How about on social media where can we find you or to keep up with you ?

.Ig: Dj_Benjamminit_434

.Fb: Timyarn Benjamin

.TicToc: Dj_Benjamminit_434

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