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"Verse and Visions: Exploring Melodies of a Versatile Aspiring Artist in the World of Country Music

Everyday Clout made another discovery on our rounds tap in get to know upcoming recording artist B .Myers.


Can you tell us about your musical background and how you got started in the industry?


Let’s see, Well Background wise I would say I sang in church as a little kid.  My mom also sang in the choir but I distinctly remember our Myers Family gatherings and how usually the kids and Grandmamma would always start singing something at some point.  There was a lot of love in those Myers rooms tbh. 


What inspired you to become a musician and pursue a career in music?


Now how I got started in the Industry is a different story.  I was in a very confusing place in my life, Like a “How did I get here?” type of thing and I started writing down what I was feeling and thinking at that time really to help process it.  One night in the street a neighbor who’s brother I used to play basketball with she stopped and told me her brother had a mixtape. I was like A mixtape, Cool. How do you make one of those? She said you needed to go to a studio.  Told me about the one he went to it was called ‘Platinum Plus (Shout out Slim Hood and Sunny America/ Sunny Beats by the way)  She said Google it. I went inside and did just that, Scheduled a session with Sunny in the snow, and the. From there the rest is Real Life History. 


To be honest I was never the kid to practice his Grammy speech, I never wanted that, But here we are at 28 making music that makes people believe in something bigger. That’s BETTER than a Grammy in my opinion.


How would you describe your music style and genre?


I would say my music style is just Different. Obviously I’m Country.  That’s just what I am. Then you hear the Hip Hop , Then you hear the Soul, Then you hear the Rock vibes too So it’s all of those in one really, and I definitely pride myself on just being “THAT” Different.  I’m my own style in a way. And Genre. From the jump the DJ’s have been saying I’m literally creating my own Genre and carving my own path, and honestly I would absolutely have to agree. 


Who are your biggest musical influences and how have they shaped your sound?


Oh gosh influences, there’s so many, let’s see umm Ben Fuller, would be one I would say because of his story and the way he tellsit.

Micah Tyler would be one too. Cain, Brandon Lake, Zach Williams, and all of these I just mentioned would influence me mainly on my words.  Making sure I’m speaking life and truth and honoring the giver of the gift in the first place and even though I’m telling old Secular stories I’m not trying to glorify the secular ness of it either. 


Now other influences for me as far as style and delivery would be Jason Aldean for sure, Brantley Gilbert, Colt Ford, Sawyer Brown, Bob Segar, Nickelback, Elton John, Queen, Def Leopard, Blake Shelton, George Strait, Jelly Roll, Eric Church, Carmen, Kirk Franklin Every single one of these people


 Can you walk us through your songwriting process? Where do you find inspiration for your lyrics and melodies?


So my song writing process is kind of different for each song really.  Like sometimes it’s a freestyle that I just start and go Yo! That’s be a good song, Like with Generations or Beautiful Sights.  At this point I try to focus more on the beat first.  Then try to work the song from there.  As far as my lyrics I really try to tell a story so sometimes I’ll just sit down and write a song which turns out to be a story that I have lived in some way shape or form.  As far as Melodie’s those just kind of come to me. Whether from when I hear the beat or just my NaturalCreativity coming up with a random idea driving down the road.  


 What has been the most memorable moment of your music career so far? 


I think the most memorable moment for me so far was my first time in Alabama after I got off stage a woman said she wanted my shirt, I couldn’t give her the one off my person cause that’s my Choir shirt, but I gave her the one with my logo. She wanted a picture and that’s when she told me she drove two hours just to see me. When she said that it blew my mind. Still to this day that lady and those two hours would be my most memorable moment. 


How do you approach the production and recording process for your music?


How do I approach the production and recording process. Well first and foremost I would say I have a game plan.  I prepare how I think the song should go before I ever hit the studio.  I also like to make sure the production makes sense for my sound and my style. Also I go in with an open mind.  Engineers have good ears for a reason, and as an artist it’s my job to listen to their suggestions. 


Can you tell us about any upcoming projects or collaborations you are working on?


Well I had a show last weekend in Alabama.  I have a show tomorrow in Charlotte, Plus we got to go see Kurtis Blow last weekend too so that was fun.  As far as projects I am working on a mixtape right now with a few very important DJ’s in the Carolinas and also in my lanes I like to stay in.  On top of that the show tomorrow is with 3 other Country guys in my Home City.  Carolina 2x Shine, 1GrandaddyLo, Jonathan Tucker Music, and myself.  We’re pretty excited about this one. 


So how do you engage with your fans and build a strong connection with them?

A lot of my engaging with fans is out and about I would say.  At shows for sure but also Networking Events.  I’ve had people like fellow artist be like “I feel like I’ve heard you on the radio” , “I been watching you for a minute here’s some flowers” or like “I heard about you on  TikTok”.  Then obviously I try to interact on Instagram with the people that show me continued support over and over time and time again. I will Always take the time to build with my fans. I’ve even had DJ’s be like “Okay I’m a fan” regardless of whether they can play a record on their platform or not.  


 What do you hope listeners take away from your music?


 I think the biggest think I hope listeners take away is a perspective of a different way. Whether living, or coping, or processing or even relating, I hope they truly listen to my words above all and realize my story is in these lines.  My life is being told right in front of them.  I have a heck of a story and with that story I know I can reach and help a lot of people, Whether we grew up the same or not. Take the Gems, leave the Dirt.  (Pun Intended) 


So how do you handle criticism and feedback from both fans and critics?


The best way I handle criticism is first put it through a filter test I would say.  By that I mean I look at what was said and see if It can be deemed true or false right away.  You know what they say about opinions but facts are truth.  So I first see the angle of delivery and see if it Holds Weight.  I truly do care what people have to say and think about my music and my art.  If it comes from a place of genuinity I accept it and seek first to understand how I can take it and use it and apply it to better myself and my craft.  Also some people just troll and most the times I ignore those kinds of comments.  Fans and people with genuine interest in what we’re doing and how we can improve, I’m usually all ears.  


Can you share any advice for aspiring musicians who are just starting out in the industry?


I guess my best advice for any aspiring musicians who are just starting out would be use your ears more and your voice less.  As a musician your voice is your instrument and like any other instrument it has to be tuned.  You tune your voice by Tuning IN with your ears. Get around solid people that know what they’re doing and just listen.  It will help, I promise. 


 How do you balance your personal life with your music career?


Sleep.  I know it’s kind of a basic answer but it’s true.  Especially in music and stuff, the idea of “Making It” can consume you, but working a full time and working towards music can call for a 25 hour day when you only have 24, Rest is the most important part of functioning properly in the midst of all the chaos, So I would say sleep for sure.  Resets are definitely necessary.


What are your goals and aspirations for the future of your music career?


My goals and aspirations for the future of my music career.  I’m trying to get the CMA’s to merge with the BET’s.  We aren’t no different and it’s bout time people started realizing that. Unity is my number 1 priority. 


Would there a specific message or theme that you try to convey through your music?


Think the biggest message or theme I try to convey in my music is Myself.  Like regardless f the topic of the record or even the style of the production of the record I try to convey myself every single time. The good, The Bad and The Ugly.  I also try to rein still my roots as far as ethics and values I have always been taught, but I give you me 100% of the time Every Single Record. I make sure I at least keep it real and honest. 


Be sure to check out B. Myers on all platforms


Artist Name: B. Myers


Genre: Country/ His Own


Facebook: Bmyerssmusic

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