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This is Melbourne based rapper, singer, songwriter, and dancer 4Fo. He has been active in the Melbourne Hip-Hop and RnB scene as early as 2010. In late 2018, 4Fo signed to independent record label "HudzPro Production" where he started writing and recording his 7 track EP titled “MOODSWING”.

4Fo is also the latest addition to South East outfit “BurnCityMovement” A.K.A "BCM", and has performed, recorded, and written with the crew for the last 2 years.

Born and raised in Burundi, 4Fo migrated to Australia at age 12. He initially started his creative career as a dancer, before deciding to join his older brother's rap competitions at home, where the prizes were candy, snacks, and money. Growing up, he also fell in love with playing and coaching soccer, as well as travelling.

4Fo is currently organizing a tour around Victoria to support his latest project, with plans to extend the tour into surrounding states, all while filming new footage, new music videos, and writing with other Australian artists along the way, leaving his mark wherever he goes.

When asked about his dream collabs, he shared with us that he'd love to work with Stogie T, Nas, Rapsody, and Sampa The Great. No surprises there, as we know that 4Fo's latest project "MOODSWING" is a medley of smooth RnB, Club Bangers, and bouncy Afrobeat tracks, with collaborations from Jdro, AG Johnson, Kihara P, and Melody Napoleon, HudzPro Production, and JesusOverHypeMusic.

For your viewing pleasure, and as a thanks for making it this far in the article, we've attached the music video for "All Night" below.

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