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Pimpin Ken and Kentucky Artist Sensei Nowa

PHOTO By: Angie .B

You can hear him on Jermaine Dupri's "Instructions," 2Short's "Chase the Cat," Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz's "Kings of Crunk," Lil Flip's "Still Ballin," Mack 10's "Da Hood," and he stars in the video for 50 Cent's "P.I.M.P." He's been featured on Drink Champs, Big Facts, Off The Porch. He's also been written about in The Source, Vibe, This is 50 and other major Headlines.

His Name is Pimpin Ken, FOUNDER & C.E.O of the HIPHOP Fraternity and he’s bringing it to Kentucky. Not only is he bringing the platform but he’s bringing the industry with it.  Anyone who signs up on the website can have Nation Wide access to any event backed by HHF FREE OF CHARGE! As well as access to premium services only label executives can

   Additionally, KEN appointed KENTUCKY Artist SENSEI NOWA, as C.E.O. Of Hip Hop fraternity “KENTUCKY” August 2022. Now let insiders from everyday Clout tell you why! Just last year, Nowa the (RTM) representer toured the Midwest region appearing on a total of 7 major radio stations throughout the market. Since then, he has pushed on to do nearly two dozen more radio interviews creating a buzz which has label A&R’s doing a double take at Kentucky once again.

Members on the board are from around the region so tap in with a member in your area. CEO Sensei Nowa, and Human Resource Officer Anthony Brooks are located in Frankfort the capital of Kentucky. Angie B, the President is located in Louisville along with CFO Dee Simms, Chairman Shawn Brown and Secretary Sara Nalley. Chairman Miguel Martin can be found in Lexington. Vice President Gregory Gage is located in Florence. Executive director Rohveah Anderson and HHF A&Rs Barry Cobb and Dre Lee. Finally Advisor JAVOE RÔKOUR located in the Atlanta area.

   HHF KY plans to throw its first event in the region oct, 23, at GMM (Florence Mall). So mark your calendar and stay tuned in to the HHF KY with all social media below.

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