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Who is Crown La'trell?

In 2018, Crown La’trell put out Floor 13, an introspective album that is still a perfect soundtrack to nearly any occasion. Since then, fans have been waiting to see what else he has up his sleeves, and while he hasn’t put out a full project since, his singles have easily scratched that itch.

In October 2022, Crown put out his latest project, Numen, which features two songs - You Ain’t Loyal and Morphine. Crown is very aware of the atmosphere in his music, which always pulled listeners back to his songs again and again (not referring to his recent banger Again and Again). You can almost feel the smoke in the room as it leaves you in a haze as they wash over you, and his latest two songs off Numen do the exact same thing.

Speaking as someone whose had the fortunate opportunity to see Crown perform live a few times, his music is to be played on the loudest speakers in front of the biggest crowds. You Ain’t Loyal is absolutely meant for that. As the song progresses, you can hear the raging emotion in Crown La’trell’s voice. It’s something that on a dance floor, you would love to rap along to with your friends. There’s an anger in his voice within his verse that we are all aware of, as it seemed to be geared towards an ex or someone who lost his trust.

Crown is aware of playing with the mood, as Morphine is far from emotional rage. Instead, it’s a mood piece, one that eases you. It’s clearly a play on its title, a downer for those nights as the listener(s) may be at home or on a late-night walk in the fog. Again, Crown La’trell’s control of his atmosphere is unmatched.

Crown La’trell has been hard at work crafting and perfecting his sound and control over the past few years, and Numen shows us how he has no intention of slowing down. As you play the songs on repeat, Numen proves itself to be the perfect tease to prove that 2023 is about to be Crown La’trell’s year.

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