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Who is S.P. Da Boss Untapped talent in the Star City? Edited by Alexis, Mandakis

Known as S.P. Da Boss in the hip hop/rap community coming from a small town named Roanoke located in the state of Virginia also known as the star city. Bringing with him undeniable talent as he depicts his life growing up in the streets thus giving a name to the independent label Street Life. He aims not to glorify but to bring awareness to the Urban community's struggles throughout his music with a very unique style and flow.

This upcoming artist has a sound unlike others let's meet S.P. Da Boss

Where are you from?

Roanoke, Virginia

Outside of the musical world do you have any hobbies or main interests outside music?

Yes, I’m a dog breeder and founder of my own kennel Star City Exotics.

What first got you into music?

It’s something that’s always grasped my attention far back as I can remember.

One of the greatest expressions of urban culture if you ask me. I have a talent for making music and it’s also something I’m very passionate about.

What’s next for you?

Hopefully, more exposure threw the right promotion. I got some new tracks along with visuals I’ll be releasing this year and also merchandise such as t-shirts and hats coming for my fans and supporters.

Do you have any latest project/ single release date titles, upcoming tours, etc?

My latest project was released on Jan. 8th, titled Dream Chasers, produced by G5, video shot by Double M Visions

In just two quotes describe to us who you are.

1) “ Ima let my actions speak before I preach. “

2) “ life ain’t easy I just work hard ‼️”

Do you have a dream collab?

Yes EST Gee

What are your most newsworthy mentions?

My regular airplay on “Trap City Radio “was organized by Coalition DJs DMV and star city's own Dj Naztee NYCE. Track feature on Get The Bag mixtape by DJ SIDEREAL. Release of my last project Ghetto Hero on all platforms.

Be on the lookout for this artist S.P. Da Boss


Ig: @s.p.daboss

Spotify: @S.P. da Boss

Fb: @S.P. Da Boss

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S.P. Da Boss
S.P. Da Boss

Appreciate you 💯


Shout out to S.P. for putting on for the City! Keep giving em a taste of the Noke!

S.P. Da Boss
S.P. Da Boss

You already know 💫#540

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