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Wuntayk Timmy's Track "Suns Out" Climbs the iTunes Charts

Wuntayk Timmy on B96.5 Louisville Radio

The Louisville Kentucky rapper Wuntayk Timmy has much to celebrate. His recent single "Suns Out" has broken into the top 100 on the iTunes Charts, peaking at 90. This impressive feat comes shortly after the release of his single "Choosie Lover." Timmy's success underscores his undeniable talent and rising prominence in the music industry. Fans can look forward to more amazing music from this emerging artist in the near future.

The success of "Suns Out" is a true testament to Timmy's talent and unique sound. He has caught the attention of not only his loyal fans but also industry professionals, which could lead to exciting opportunities for him in the future. As Timmy continues to create music that resonates with his fans, it is likely that his popularity will continue to grow in Kentucky and beyond.

With the continued success of "Suns Out" and "Choosie Lover," fans can expect even more great music from this rising star. Keep an eye out for Wuntayk Timmy as he takes the music industry by storm.

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