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Young Taz back online — the unanticipated return

Young Taz Ai a local artist from South Carolina. Music has been a hobby of his his whole life . This talented up and coming describes himself as an artist who's versatile when it comes to creating music . From Trap to a club banger to a love song .he enjoys traveling and networking with other music artist eager to engage with his fans with his music and give them more insight of him as an artist .

Where are you from?

Rock Hill, South Carolina

Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of music?

Making comedy skits

What first got you into music?

From starting with Writing poems at a early age. I grew a strong bond for writing rhymes and Creating a melody to go along with it .Hearing different type of beats that give me the space to create a different sound.

What’s next for you?

Media tour runs

*making sure my songs releases are all cleared corrrectly

* performance development

* Artist Profile development —social media, business cards , promo

Any additional information/key notes-Development — online plays- radio play - club play - making sure I’m collecting all my coins

Tell us about your latest project/single (release date, title, tours, etc)Single: MoneyStepp 2 out now

Give us 2 quotes from yourself.

There is no plan b

Giving 110% Effort

Who is your dream collab?

Polo G

What are your most newsworthy mentions?


You can follow Young Taz on all platforms.

Artist Name:Young Taz

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