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Youngest entrepreneur / influencer from Nigeria John Olubiyi known as SPICY speaks on his experience

What drives you?

I’ve always had this zeal to make a good impact in people’s lives and to always make a good change in any environment I find myself, and that has been my drive.

What's your motto?

To never seek for jobs before I feed

What do your clients gravitate most towards?

Just from my personality and the energy I give

How do you ensure happy clients?

Making sure my products/services are top notch and satisfactory to them.

What is the "Key" to your success?

Online /digital marketing has always been the key and link to my clients.

How do you spend you day?

I’m always on my phone and computer all day so yeah every second of my time is priceless

What part does family play in your success?

I share great bond with my family even when we don’t get to see I take out time to call and text them .

How does one become successful?

Be consistent, learn more about your craft, dedicate time into it and pray to God

What makes you feel the most accomplished?

After ever job done

What does success mean to you?

Wining alongside my homies is what’s success to me

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