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Interview with T5.I.V.E: Focusing on the Pillars of Success

T5 is a renowned entrepreneur and musician who has built a successful brand around his personal values of focus, integrity, value, and excellence. In this interview, T5 shares insights on how he started his business, built a customer base, and marketed his brand. He also talks about the challenges of being an entrepreneur and how he defines success.

T5's business idea came from his own representation of the number five, which he views as a symbol of the pillars of success. He wanted to embody these values in his business and provide for his family, friends, and community. He built his customer base by connecting with people who have followed him since his younger days and by tapping into the youth through events, parties, and music. T5 also markets his business by being consistent with promotions, traveling to different cities and states, and having merchandise.

Being an entrepreneur requires a lot of hard work and dedication. T5 works 24/7 and takes his son to school every morning. However, being an entrepreneur has also affected his family life, as he has had to make sacrifices and find a balance between business and family. One piece of advice that T5 has for other entrepreneurs is to avoid having family members work for your business.

When asked about the pattern or formula for success, T5 believes that having a pattern would make it easier, but it is also important to stick to the course and not get sidetracked. His most satisfying moment in business has been networking and learning from industry experts and becoming more knowledgeable about the rap game.

In the end, T5 defines success as embodying the pillars of focus, integrity, value, and excellence, which are at the core of his brand.


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