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Southern Rapper YungRod 2G seeks to reclaim hip hop culture for community

Alabama artist, YungRod 2G, releases a timeless piece Pimps with no Whips (PWNW), on Magic City Classic weekend; celebrating their quiet wins as an independent artist in this New Age music industry. Their passion for the local urban culture in Birmingham, AL has fueled a decade long philanthropic campaign to educate young artists about business development and management. However, it doesn’t stop there. This rare artist seeks to be a positive influence in a market that has obviously gravitated towards a less educational form of entertainment.

“ I don’t knock it,” claims YungRod 2G

“it’s just not how I choose to do this rap thing”.

As an artist, entrepreneur and veteran, YungRod 2G is very serious about her place as an upcoming community leader. Currently YungRod 2G is working with local influencers and other community leaders to create a superstar pipeline in her hometown.

“ I’m really excited about this venture and the future of the Alabama music industry,” says YungRod 2G “we have been one of the South’s best kept secrets for far too long…”

As YungRod 2G gears up for their next release, YungRod 2G shares some information about her hometown, hobbies and inspiration for this single.


1. Where are you from?

ROD2G: The Beautiful Birmingham, AL AKA the REAL MAGIC CITY

2. Do have any hobbies or interests outside of music?

ROD2G: Music fulfills my passions however…I do write short stories and poems from time to time. Truly, most of my hobbies require music to be present in some way or another so (shrug) it is my first love.

3. What first got you into music?

ROD2G: It’s always been around me and flowed through me since I was a little one. I joined the choir at 3, started writing songs at 6. The road trips with my parents exposed me to a different type of artistry. We would go to the Heritage Festival and City Stages every year, I remember watching some of the greatest performers down at Linn Park in awe. I knew from the first concert I went to that this was something I wanna do my entire life.

4. What’s next for you?

ROD2G: My plan is to get more active in my community via the music scene. I started off going really hard when I returned to the states however I had to turn my focus to the gun violence issue as it has had a profound effect not just on my life but on my community as a whole. I had to step back and recalibrate my senses… music is my therapy it’s medicine for me so it leads me back, full circle.

5. Tell us about your upcoming single (release date, title, tours, etc)

ROD2G: Pimps with No Whips is a personal and local favorite. I wrote it back in 2012 after running into my angel investor at the time. We both weren’t driving although for different reasons (smirk) so we ran into each other on the bus. I overheard his ideas about our youth and hip hop’s affect on their mentality and it took off from there. This song is really about taking initiative and being motivated. The “whip” symbolizes our inner will to thrive. As for the recording itself, this isn’t the initial recording but a remake. I realized how timeless the lyrics are after over a decade … so now I am sharing, you’re welcome!

6. Tell us about your other business ventures.

ROD2G: Currently I’m focused on building up my philanthropic ventures here in Birmingham, AL through the non-profit organization Ambitionz Fine Arts and Music INC. We’ve come up with an educational program for young artists interested in all areas of the music industry. The goal is to establish a network of artists who want to build our infrastructure here in Birmingham. We have a rich musical history in this city and we have to stop losing talent to other major cities.

7. How did the idea for your businesses come about?

ROD2G: When I came back home after my service tour overseas most of the public schools had eliminated their arts programs because of a lack of funding. I believe that lack of funding was caused by (sigh) the war in the Middle East so I sought out a way to help resolve that issue. You know those programs gave me a place to learn about and express myself musically so I decided to be about a solution show some “Ambition” if you will.

8. Do you believe there is some sort of pattern to your continued success?

ROD2G: Consistency and Authenticity!

9. Who is your dream collab?

I have a long list of commercial and underground artist I would love to collaborate with, too many to list. But number one on my list is Missy Elliot, she’s the GOAT.

10. How many hours a day do you work for yourself on average?

ROD2G: Nowadays it’s maybe 20 hours a week…My life has rounded out I have a family now so the music and business require a specific balance. Getting to spend more time on my passion project is always top of mind.

11. What has been your most satisfying moment in business?

ROD2G: The way I stepped into the game is the most satisfying part of my music career. Getting to pass that on as a mentor, and seeing my artists go achieve greater results than they could have imagined (proud nodding) gives me a quiet knowing that my influence is not only potent but also positive there is a power in not needing it to be about you or have to chase validation.

12. Last question, how do you define success?

ROD2G: Success to me is living your truth while fulfilling your soul’s purpose. Doesn’t matter what you do… if that means you are mopping floors or rocking arenas; as long as YOU are happy and approach your days with excitement about life you’re successful.

Where can we find you on social media?

ROD2G: I’m on all social media sites as YungRod 2G




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