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Arnae Hits #24 on Spotify Charts

In a recent interview with, Arnae, a pop and R&B artist, shared his journey into music. Born in the DMV area, Arnae got into music when a friend approached him to write song lyrics for a collaboration. Since then, he has fallen in love with music and draws inspiration from everyday life, his emotions, and reactions to the world around him. He likes to convey his personal experiences through his music and tell stories that keep his listeners engaged.

Arnae’s latest single, “Told You That I Want You,” released in August 2023, is about a girl from his childhood whom he took on a date during his visit to DC. He wrote the song for her, inspired by afrobeat style music. Arnae has an upcoming EP and several collaborations in the works, and he is excited to drop new music videos and a whole tape in 2024.

Arnae’s musical style is influenced by a variety of genres, including classical music, rock ‘n’ roll, reggae, and country. He is known to cross genres and toy with different styles and energies. When it comes to his songwriting process, Arnae lets his energy transform into words and lyrics. He aims to make the music a form of self-expression that his listeners can feel and relate to.

Arnae’s advice for aspiring musicians is to learn and be themselves. He believes that music is strongest when used as a form of self-expression, and encourages artists to look inwardly and see what comes out when they make a record. Arnae is looking to solidify his business and treat himself like a business, with a focus on his music and making sure his business is correct.


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